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School Visits

Upcoming Events

School Visit - Fort Kent Community High School - Oct 18, 2019

Emma will meet with students from Fort Kent Community High School to discuss the writing process and what it means to be an author in the modern publishing world. PRIVATE EVENT.

Public event to be held at Bogan Books in Fort Kent on October 19. 

University Visit - Flagler College

Emma will share thoughts on publishing and the writing process with students in the Advanced Fiction class at Flagler College.

Past Events

Waterville High School, Waterville, Maine

March 12, 2019 – A discussion on about the importance of reading and how students decide what books to read with Mr. Smith’s Sophomore English classes. 

John Bapst Book Club

March 29, 2019 – Emma shares thoughts on fiction writing and the latest books in the YA market, with the John Bapst Book Club.

Nokomis Regional High School

Sept 18, 2019 – Emma video chats with students of Ms. Levasseur’s Creative Writing class. 

Ask Emma To Visit

Want a presenter for your class or a speaker for your book club? Emma loves sharing her love of writing and the books with students of all ages. Invite her to visit.